Yellow cart build

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So, I'll give a little background on myself and this project. Or skip the wall of text to the pics.
2 years ago (spring of 2019)I picked up a 2 seat cart and decided I would get it ready for my oldest nephew Logan (9 years old) to drive. I got a new 212, clutch, gas pedal, brakes, seat etc. and put it all together. I did a mechanical disk brake and it had one wheel power. He came to visit one last time and I had it sitting by the driveway where he would see it. I had put 2 bolts loosely into the junk engine that came with it. Of course a couple of flat tires. When he saw it his eyes lit up and asked if he could drive it. I said "sure if you can get it to start". He pulled the rope a dozen times and nothing. Engine doesn't even have a carb or gas tank on it. I gave it a few pulls and said "I have an engine in the shop that might fit". We pulled the junker off and bolted the new one right on. The chain lined right up on the clutch and everything. The throttle cable was even the right length. Air in a couple of tires and it was a driver. We "built" that go cart and it's been running around the yard since (well unti last month the motor died). He got to ride it a few times then moved 2000 miles away. The grandson Jr. (6 years old) rode it a lot that summer when he came visit. Late in 2019 Logan's brother Kaiden (6 years old) got to come out to visit. He hadn't seen the go kart because he move away before it was built. But he drove a lot of circles around the driveway in it.
In 2020 just Jr. and his friends drove it. So Jr. decided he wanted a dirt bike for Christmas last year. Well, he got the Chrome 1969 J.C. Penney El Tigre when he came to visit this summer. I did about the same thing and he helped build it. I posted on here some questions and stuff while ordering parts etc for it. The first afternoon he got here I had him polish the handle bars while I scraped the rest of the old paint off it. The next day a buddy came over and we assembled the whole thing with Jr's help. So he got to build his mini bike.
That leads me to this yellow cart. Both Logan and Kaiden are coming out for a 10 day visit in early August. I asked Kaiden what he wanted to do while he is here and he said he wanted to go camping. I asked if he wanted to do anything else and he said "I want to build a buggy for me like you and Logan did". So I want to get this thing ready to bolt on a motor and go.
So if you read the whole wall of text here we are, the yellow cart build. I posted in the "what is it forum " and didn't get much info. So I'll make stuff work as needed.
It looks like to me it was a Chinese kart from mid to late 90s. I'm going to power it with a gx160, that has a torque converter already. I'll just do a clutch on it. That's the easy part. I think it had hand throttle and hand brakes. I'm going to do foot controls. Part of the whole process of building stuff for the nephews and grandson is to get them ready to drive.
So picture time. These were already posted but I'll do them again for this thread. I'll fix/weld the right spindle. 20210717_085002.jpg 20210717_085007.jpg 20210717_085013.jpg 20210717_085019.jpg 20210718_152934.jpg 20210718_152947.jpg