Yet ANOTHER Addition to the Collection! (Owosso Explorer)


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Yet another addition to my collection!
Traded a scooter for this Owosso Explorer
It makes #16 ‍♂️Haha
Looks to be in decent shape, posts for body on back need replaced as they’re cobbled in there and a few small notches need to be fixed in back frame but other than that seem decent.
Now I’ll have a pair of these (if I can ever get em all running hahaha) 5C26A385-A21A-4ACE-8E7D-0E102D6A0D81.jpeg 37B952BC-26F8-49D2-AD5B-FB3E8CFB8B63.jpeg
Very cool Captain !

I've always liked those body styles, thinking if you drove sensibly, you could ride a passenger on the back.

I don't know if they offered a sissy bar or roll bar, for them, but looks ideal for one.


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Yeah my garage is a decent size I guess but it’s packed full.. planning to move from Illinois to Arizona in the the ol lady convinced we need to rent a semi to move all the toys at once hahaha. With any luck I can make sure new place has large storage or build one to fit with extra space. They definitely aren’t space savers but they’re just too cool