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  • Where can I find the front fork spring cylinder shaped retainers that bolt to forks that hold the springs in place for my 69' Bonanza BC1100. Old Mini Bike Wharehouse does not carry them any more.
    What year is my Bonanza BC 1100 ? It has the center mounted under engine foot pegs, kidney bean wheels and the badge # on the fork plate is 22041 What was the first year for the center mounter foot peg location?
    What year is my Bonanza BC 1100? I was told by the person I purchased it from was a 68' but now I think it may be a 69' or later. It has the original paint and original Tecumseh 3 hp engine but the ID tag on the engine is missing so I cant really go by that to get a better idea of what year the bike is. It has the foot pegs mounted in the center of the frame under the engine. The bike also has the kidney bean style wheels and the Bonanza I D tag on the forks is # 22041 Also where can I find a good photo of what the original handle bar grips looked like for the BC 1100? I cant find any good pictures even on the original brochure of what they looked like. I am restoring it to original and I do not have the correct grips on it now. Thanks for any help you can can provide.
    I am restoring a 68' Bonanza mini bike. Where can I find a replacement rectangular silver and blue Bonanza BC1100 decal that is attached to the fuel tank of the BC 1100 model?
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