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    Paint Codes

    If I remember correctly it was aprox. 2/3 International blue to 1/3 Nassau blue and then lightly intermixing back and forth after that until I got the exact match. I had 2 full unreduced pints left over. I did sell one of the full unreduced pints last year or so and still have one left but I am...
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    Paint Codes

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    Some people just don't get it or just don't care.

    Here is a bad experience I had back in 1988 dealing with a jerk. I made a deal with my insurance mans brother who had a 1977 Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer that he agreed to sell me. He and the car were located in Hawaii. After I sent him a deposit of $ 5,000.00 , made shipping arrangements for...
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    Paint Codes

    You are correct on the Bonanza Blue color. It was not Nassau or Marina blue. I restored my Bonanza and took the time to correctly match the Bonanza blue to a factory painted Bonanza frame that had the original paint. I made sure to match the color to the areas that never were exposed to sun fade...
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    Paint Codes

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    Bonanza serial number badge

    Thank you very much for that info! It is a great help.
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    Bonanza serial number badge

    What years of Bonanza mini bikes used the larger raised letter badge and what years used the smaller badge? Thanks.
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    Bonanza- tecumseh carb. Question

    I just installed a new nos Tecumseh carburetor part # 630958b and a new muffler on my 69' Bonanza BC 1100 with the Tecumseh 3 hp engine. It started right up and seems to run good but it puffs out a little black soot from exhaust and left soot on the outside of the new muffler. I guess it is...
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    Bonanza 1300 Blue Color ?

    Well what I did was took my frame to a powdercoater, had them bead blast it for the best possible adhesian of a base for painting especially in the hard to reach areas and around the weld areas and powdercoat in a light grey color that matched primer color. Then I wet sanded the powder coat with...
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    Bonanza 1300 Blue Color ?

    Also I will try to post some pictures maybe in a few days of the finished bike so you can see the color. I am still assembling it back together. I did a full restoraion on it.
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    Bonanza 1300 Blue Color ?

    I just finished painting my BC1100 a few weeks ago using PPG brand automotive basecoat & clearcoat. I had another Bonanza frame with the original paint still on it to match the color to. I used the painted areas that were not faded by sunlight such as under the seat, the bottom underside of the...
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    Preparing steel frame for painting

    Use a 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a paper towell to wipe the bare metal before applying the sealer or primer. Do not touch the metal with bare hands after wiping down with the alcohol. Use rubber gloves to eliminate oil residue that can be transfered from your skin on to the bare metal. I have...
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    I would like to buy the 2 Bonanza fenders. How much to ship to San Jose, Calif. 95159 ?

    I would like to buy the 2 Bonanza fenders. How much to ship to San Jose, Calif. 95159 ?
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    Bonanza Grips?

    If you want I can send photos of nos Bonanza grips to your e mail address. I just cant seem to insert photos through Old mini bike forum. Thanks, 69H1