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    Wtb Rupp Frame

    Nope....sold Just 70 and newer
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    Wtb Rupp Frame

    I have frames (71's), tanks, swing arms, pegs (no rubber), but no kickstands.
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    Comment by 'AboveUpNorth' in media 'Rupp SS-5'

    Mann I'd love to own one of them.....super sexy!
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    Need help identifying 3 old family bikes

    The yellow one appears to be a Cat R3200
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    Not a mini bike

    Rod bolt protectors used for piston assembly?
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    Rupp Black Widow frame on ebay $99

    It's 1970 Rupp frame. It has a straight bottom edge of engine plate......Note the forward location of the engine mounting holes, and the lip around the bottom of the engine mounting plate. On a 1971 to 1975 Rupp frame, Rupp dropped the bottom edge of the engine plate. This was done to...
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    I hate Craigslist ads like this (not mine)

    I offered $3 but he has to deliver......LOL contact name: Skinny text: (414) 999-6673
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    Arctic Cat Ramrod engines CHEAP

    Couple of Ramrod engines if anyone is looking... not mine.
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    needed dellorto fhc 20.13 carburetor for broncco tx1 aspera 3.5 engine

    I found mine on eBay Italy. Mine was a 69 TX1-D with a 4HP Aspera. If you open eBay in Chrome, you can convert to English:-)
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    Wanted Rupp 12" Rear Rim

    I have one buried in my piles somewhere....
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    What model Fox?

    What about this Doodlebug? Same fenders, big tires, and jack shaft...
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    What model Fox?

    Serial # 005006 Any and all information appreciated. Doodle Bug?
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    Make of this one?

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    Make of this one?

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    briggs & stratton blower cover with very good pull start for my 69 3 hp b&s

    I believe I have some.....if you don't hear from me tomorrow feel free to send PM as a reminder :-)