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  • The kill switch is easy, there should be a tab on your magneto for a wire, put the switch anywhere you like, it grounds to the frame or handle bars, when you push the switch. the seat foam, carpet padding, couch coushion, most the time all you need, the trick is to learn how to sculpt, or build your padding, into a comfortable seat.
    thanks you. i got a 5.0 engine for 45 dollars from a friend. i putting pictures of my minibike up right now as i speak.
    a 5hp with a torque converter should haul you around just fine. i'm 6'5" 275lbs and even with the 3.5 mine goes with no problem.

    here's a link: Drive System Kits for 3 to 8hp Engines

    here's a pick of it mounted to my 3.5 Tecumseh:

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