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  • Hey Tim, I tried to send you 2 messages and answer your questions about the Cat seat, but your inbox is full...
    Hey blkscorpion80 was just going thru older posts from last year and was wondering if you ever sold the chain guard off of the grey golden pinto you sold but kept the guard in the deal? Would be interested in the chain guard if you still have it and would like to sell. Thanks for all you do-Steve (Stevesracer)
    Hi, I saw that you are a senior member and a friend of The restore kid. I have been trying to find his posts and it seems they are all gone. I was trying to find his post for cloning an h50 and he had the dimensions for placement of the throttle linkage parts but it seems all his posts are gone. Was hoping you could tell me what's going on? Thanks
    If dwarfbike is not intrested in your 8 hp Tec, Would you be so kind as to send me a couple of pics and cost to ship to 53593?
    I know I have sent you a pm now and then but where they go I don't know? Lost in space I guess . Just checking in with you hope all is well , come on warm weather I'm ready to ride & party out at Harold's place. Take care . Damon.
    Just saw the h50 for sale. What's the toggle switch for, kill switch? Also, what are the wires for that are hanging out? How much total to ship to Amherst, NY 14051?

    Thanks, Joe
    I just bought a tote got exactly like the one you show. The only difference is mine does not have the front box. Do you know the vin number on the steering column? Is the seat original? Mine has no seats. If it is original could I get a pattern of the bottom?
    Did the '70's use the same as the '72's? The gray cables? I have a few NOS Rupp throttle and brake cables. Let me know lengths you need and I will check them. Going on vacation soon so not sure how soon I will get back to you. Just let me know.
    Lost your no. Give me a call sometime let's plan next meet, Damon 817 312 1678
    I need the lighting coil, how much for the NOS and how much for the used? thanks.
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