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  • i just had to let you know your skills are awesome !!!! what you did to that baja heat was wicked ! & it does look like yamaha big wheels but better cause you did it yourself.i wanted to do the rear shocks on mine but wanted to do it right 1st time & after researching this mod for 3 months yours has put all & i mean all others to shame ! hats off to you brother!! i now have a great reference to build my own.oh & if you still have it hows it holding up ??
    Sorry to bother you but I have run into the Murray fork neck bearings and cups problem
    and try as i can i cannot locate any. I found your thread and decided to contact you.
    if you happen to have the name and number of part time bike shop. or if you happen to have an extra full set. any help at all.

    Thanks JOE
    Hey there,I searched old threads and found you had the same problem I am having
    I cannot find the front bearings for my Track 2.
    Any help would be appreciated...

    hey thanks for letting me know what the bike was. i have a question about the front end. how do you seperate the forks and the springs mine is so rusted up. I would like to powdercoat the forks and springs different colors, but cant get the front apart.
    What are the dimensions of those 1/2" aluminum plates?? My relative does computer guided metal cutting and will give us a price! Paul
    I'm in Muscle Shoals as well. It's good to know that there is someone else around here that enjoys these things . There are not too many of us mini bikers in the North Alabama area.
    Hello, John Foerg here in Muscle Shoals. I saw where you are in N. Alabama and I thought I might ask where you are located. Thanks John Western Auto Western Flyer SS300
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