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  • Hi Paul,
    I dont know how rare these are but I thought of you.On Ebay there is a cool NOS Skat Cat light kit. Dont know if you are interested but it looks nice and has a buy it now option.
    My Skat Kitty decals are the real thing, WATER TRANSFER, and 100% perfect reproductions of the originals! There are 2 decals - the front logo with the picture of the kat, and the side cover name in script decal. Many of us put the side cover decal on the bottom of the rear fender as well. They are $7.00 each mailed first class USPS. Call me at 805 889 1932 or take this to email paul@minibikepaul.com If you purchase please PayPal me to that email also. Thanks, Paul

    These are the decals on my bike-



    Hello Paul,

    I understand you are reproducing Skat Kitty logos. I live in the Corona area of California. How much are you charging for a set? I have a 60's Skat with a side car which I am restoring for my son. Let me know with shipping to 92880.

    Thank you,

    Paul, did you get me request for Briggs Decals yesterday. I sent a Paypal for 19.00 and was just wanting to confirm that you recieved the order.
    Paul how have you been ? me good . Guess you heard i'am going to be a powell owner . And sounds like I'am never going to hear the end of this .
    Paul tell me about minibike drag racing in compton . Is it on ana street ? I've seen alot on you tube there . Thinking that will be highlight of Cali trip along with fun day and seeing all the powell's . Also want to thank you for ( i think ) talking Jesse into restoring his powell and looking for a powell roller . I have been telling him not to do it . Thanks David Wulf.
    Hey, I noticed your avatar is for a mini bike fun day. Do you have more info about it? I would like to go.
    Paul: I will be bringing I mini bike (wish I had more) and both the wife and I will be riding it. Thank you, sincerely Mike D
    Sir: I would like to attend the mini bike event this Saturday but I do not have a way to send the fee over the internet. It would be for two people, the wife and I. If I were to get there early can I pay at that time? Thank you sincerely Mike D supporting member
    Hey Paul!

    My name is Joe and I am putting on a one day event in the Glendale area this summer.

    Can I pick your brain and maybe come visit?
    Hey Paul, I got the stickers the other day. Thank you they look great. I'll still order another set and include the 20 that I owe you. My Skat Kitty should be powder coated by the end of this week. Should I add the stickers as soon as I get it back or should I wait till the bike is totally assembled?

    Anyway thanks again for taking the time to make the stickers. Plus my wife was wondering if you ever worked at the U of M hospital?

    Hello. I would like to purchase two of these decal sets. May I pay you via PayPal or what method would you prefer? Thanks a lot. Doug
    Hey Paul, I am looking for a whole set a decals for my Skat Kitty and was told you are the guy to talk to. How do I get them and what do they cost? You can email me at sbizon@msn.com. Thanks a lot! Steve
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