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  • Derek i still have a ton of the large Cat eliminator and mx chrome covers and the guy has more small ones ......he also has the torque converter drive belts new with the Cat name and part # on them any intrest? all these parts are OEM and came from the colton calif cat plant thanks greg greg31777@g mail for photos
    I need parts
    I just sent you a PM. I would like to know if you are interested in selling one of the long guards.
    Hey Derek,

    I'm in the middle of restoring a Cat Slingshot. Do you know a good source for footpeg covers?


    Steve Simon
    Derek, It was good to meet you and your Dad today. I'll post photos (might be a while) when I have one of the mini bikes ready to ride. Thanks! Gerald
    I have 2 frames I don't even know what they are. One is average size and I mocked a 10hp with room to spare in the big one. Any ideas?
    good day , just a heads up on a deal my way. on richmond va craigslist is a cat 400x if im not mistaken for sale as a best offer, and the guy does not know what he even has, hope its helpful, thought id let the group know , thanks Richard
    Hey Derek,

    You have some beautifully restored bikes! All the pictures and paint code information should really help me get my Cat looking new again.

    The one part that I'd like to get original looking as possible are the wheels. I can't tell if they are chromed or painted, or some combination of both. If you have a close up picture that would be great!

    And did you do the painting of the frame yourself? I have not painted anything with anything but a rattle can... Any advice there?


    not sure if you got my message , still not very good with this site, dont have paypal had bad experence with them , and id need to know where to check shipping costs,
    Check out my photo albums....Lots of restored and original survivors that I own. I have many many more not pictured.

    They are my passion.
    thankyou . i guess its no big deal. i got a cool mini, and thank goodness because i almost bought a freaking doodle bug. but i have to say again that one of yours is one very cool looking cat. love to find one like that to rework.cats just seem to be to be a much stronger design than any other.thats why i think il be sticking with them. thanks again.
    Well I have seen my share of bikes with no numbering so it's not unheard of. Rest assured it's a 70' or 71' bike.
    thankyou sir. im still trying to get use to this site, old fart here and computers are a bit confussing to me. i seen i think it was you answering another question by someone else about a simular thing. but there is nothing there.and it was factory paint i took off , and i used a nylon wheel to strip with like i always have because they dont harm metal at all just removes paint. i even used a magnifing lens to be triple sure and i found nothing. because the place you said was the first place i looked. what do you think happened?
    Good day sir. once again thanks for letting me in your group!. i posted a ? the other night but i got no response yet, thats cool, but im sure you would know the answer if you have the the way that is one awsome looking mini bike you have on your page. its a sling shot i think. my next project is foresure going to be one of those.
    thankyou very much. new here and it will take me some time to get use to this site. not really sure how things work on here , but learning. im a 36 year go kart restorer always wanted a mini bike but some how always ended up with go karts, go figure lol. i recently got my first mini bike a real barn find, its a cat EL400. hope i can become a member of your group. thanks again
    good day Sir. is there any way i can join the cat group. im new here only a few months, thankyou for your time!
    Hi my name is joe and some other members told me you would be the best person to talk to about the pennys/cat bike I recently acquired a frame and was trying to find as much info a possible if you have any thing that could help I would appreciate it greatly
    Hi I recently acqired a CAT Duster. I need a seat a sissy bar ans well as a front fender. Do you who remakes the seat and ant help with the parts would be great thanks.
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