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  • will take the wheel...send your Paypal info, you can email me at


    want to apologize for my ignorance ahead of time. Never participated in any type of forum before but joined OldMiniBikes back in June. First time at actually having a conversation but I'll get it down. Rolf
    could you please email me @ gerald.logan@verizon.net about the engine you are bringing to Syracuse. thanks.
    Also the tires do flex and warp from torque, not cornering. When I launch it vibrates from the tire wrapping up like a slick
    It was a kit I bought from Bad Dog. Like a Asuza kit just much better. it's called a Bad Dog. He has a web site. It's a 6 hole Douglas type wheel. 2 piece. I think there called Vanz. It does use special hubs. Go to parts for sale and I think a member had 4 used just like my front wheel. I will bump it if they are still avail.
    Man I need some help. I've been searching and can't find the front wheel and tire you run on the front of your drag bike. Also I read somewhere about using kart slicks and the sidewalls flexing under cornering and causing the sprocket to make contact with the ground. Is there a stiffer rear slick you run or just a regular kart tire? Any help is appreciated. Thanks man.
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