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  • Sure was nice to meet you as well. Ajd you fine bikes.
    It was a unreal time. One of the coolest things evern
    Hey Guys, One day I will be a supporting member just don't have time to do computer things much.But I have built three more bikes.Sensation MB-6L , Wards bike , and a J.C. Penny Foremost, but still need a clutch and chain guard for it. Anybody have one ?
    Don't have much time to spare this time of the year ... There should be quite a few pics in my album ... Just don't have a pic with the clutch cover yet ... Is there any certain view you want to see ?? ... Most of the build is there ... Oh ... And yes the HS40 is brand new ... I take it you like Bonanzas !! ...
    Thanks again to everyone for helping me identify this bike , Manco for sure. Had a great time restoring it too !! Would like to sell it . It is on Craigs List Knoxville Tn. Anyone interested ? DuVoisin's Yellow Mini .
    Thanks ... Bonanza BC1100 ... Just added the new clutch cover (not in the pics) ... That's my baby ... NOS HS 40 Tec has never had fuel or oil in it yet ... I'm getting itchy to ride it soon though ... Thanks again for the compliment
    Hey Guys, Tom DuVoisin here,It's been awhile. Been fixing mowers spring is here at last! I still have the "Yellow Jacket" mini. Iwill be a supporting member soon and will post pictures. Today I found a Foremost mini, orange in color,missing air filter cover,and rear fender.Front fender has thin white & black stripe down it. Looks very ORIGNAL !! Old, Dirty, Nasty, Greasy Black Dirt, covered in it. Engine will only turn 180", then 180" back the other way. Broken rod I'd say. Definitly a restorable BIKE !!
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