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  • Hi Frank just came across your 2016 message for a 1970 broncco (I think this is you ). I am now looking for one myself so my question is did you ever buy it , can you help me get one if not yours ? By the way very beautiful bike very clean .Charles
    Frank my husband has some issues using the computer to communicate he would really like to speak with you could you please give him a call (775)882-6132 Michael Sonny. Thank you for your time.
    Thanks, no I haven't done anything with the chopper.....kinda bought it on a "whim".....I have some other members real interested in it, may sell or trade it before I can get to it...I picked up another Bonanza (1300?) at the same time down here (another runner) and now the mini's are taking up too much room cuz i added a couple of new kart finds!.......I will call Jim and see if he has some parts he will part with....I need a steering wheel and a fuel tank pretty bad (vintage stuff).....Frank Davis
    Frank - Yes, have you done anything with that chopper yet? My friends name is Jim his number is 509-844-6176
    If you package deal doesn't sell I would be interested in buying the stars. let me know.
    How you doing buddy ? What happened to that old scat cat frame you were gonna rebuild.Im waiting on some progress cause i got one in the "EXACT" same condition.Bought at flea market for 40bucks with clinton engine.Want start for me but frame alone was worth that.Gonna start fresh engine and paint for this summer..Scat cat progress please...
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