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  • Steve, I'm just checking to see if You got those parts for me yet? and when can I expect them per our deal?
    Steve, this is my email address, I don't like people knowing my business. Give me a email sometime.

    See Ya
    Steve, here's the address for that Gold Chain that You was inquiring about. It was sure nice meeting and talking to ya.


    See Ya later
    Hi Jeep, I wanted to give you first dibs on a brand new Tav 2-30 Torq-A-Verter that I have that I can't use, It won't fit on my 6.5 Clone engine. I bought it last Oct, hoping that it would fit but it doesn't. It's just been sitting around gathering dust. I paid $169.99 + shipping for it. I didn't want to post it for sale in the group because I didn't want to deal with all the comments about it. I didn't want to ship it anywhere, so I thought that I would try and sell it to someone close to me so all they would have to do is come and pay for it and pick it up locally. I would probably take $120.00 for it. I'm just tired of looking at it sitting on my shelf. Thought that I could sell it to someone locally that could put it to good use. If you don't want or need it, that's ok. PM me if you want it or don't want it. Thanks..
    If Yu Have Any Frames That Fit a 6.5hp Habor Fright Engine Please Contact Me @ Im From Detroit So shippin Shouldnt be A Problem But Im Lookin For Sumthing Like a Drag Mini Bike Frame
    Gilson Roller Frame:

    How much to ship to 92399? :scooter:

    Please email me at I know your open to offers, can you send best price as well.

    By chance do you have a picture of a barstool racer frame, I may know where one is.

    hello jeep it possible to ship the el burro to germany ??? when yes i want buy it ! regards from germany
    Hello, do you still have your mini bike for sale?
    Please let me know.
    I have a Stellar Mini Bike for sale....all orginal. Needs to be restored. Motor has compression but I can not get it running. E-mail me at if your interested. Must sell by Saturday June 13,09 or it goes to local auction. I do have photos.
    jeep... have you ran across anymore fox frames? im looking for a old lil indian or fox bare frames thanks donnie in austin texas
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