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  • I'm still messing with minibikes. I've been trying to get out of it, but can't seem to do it. Still have your lil indian? See ya, Steve
    Jeep, Its spring ,mini bike weather. Just got my baja going, lots of fun. I did misplace my password for this site.Are you still in business? I bought some tractors last year and got pretty busy with them. Minibikes took a back seat. Regards, Dan
    Jeep -I am new to this website but I saw your add for a tote gote -I ve been looking for one for awhile now, can you drop me a line. Thanks Doug from Port Huron
    Paul, Great to hear that the 4hp is going to work out for you. Nice talking to you guys the other day. My wife was a little pissed at me for hanging out in the driveway for so long. God forbid I could talk shop with someone. I made it ALL better with her later. =) See ya around, Steve
    Hi Steve,
    I got the 4hp tecumpseh i got from you mounted on my trac2 and its a good runner.I took off with out no brakes and no throttle,just the fixed throttle ,quite a ride! Since then i fixed the throttle like i learned on this site and put the brake back on.Can't wait to ride it. Take it easy, paul
    Hey Steve, Who'd have thunk that I'd see that it's your birthday today. Hope you have a great one and many more to follow. Flea looks awsome, looking forward to seeing the "Pink Gold" (is that right?) frame when you get it. Haven't worked on or ridden anything since the DB tossed me, busy working on a VW buggy for a friend that has evolved from remounting the seats and setting the timing to an almost complete restoration. It's really absorbing my time but I'm getting close to done.

    Again, my very best wishes on your birthday!

    hey jeep, I know this might be along shot but do you still have 5/8 old comet clutch for $20? if so ill take it.
    Jeep, It's been awhile, I spent hour upon hour uploading photos of my bike. The message said that I was successful but I never used up any of my space. I finally gave up. Help!
    Jeep, Take a look at my Fat Tire ad and see if anything strikes your interest on trade.
    OK, even though the other VT-10 I bought from you is still in pieces, I am interested in this one! Would you take $850 for it?
    Jeep, supernova said you may be able to help me. I am looking to replace the carb on my Briggs 3 hp (80202). He said you may have a flo jet for sale, if so I am interested in it. I am a newbie here so may ask some dumb questios.
    Steve, You owe me a itrader rating? As for the Carb, oh well. Guess some people get the good deals and others none.
    Steve, I got it from ProMod. Here is there address.
    Baja Doodlebug,Dirtbug and Blitz Minibike Performance fix.
    Steve, ya gotta go to "General Minibike Talk", in "Speed, how much is enough". Ya need to watch that Video from Minidragbike. That's the kind of speed that I Love. Oh, I got those holes drilled out. Great bits. Thanks Again. See Ya....
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