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    Barn Find - Part 1

    Your bike looks a lot like the hap jones minibike. I think they were made in taiwan.
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    what were the top 10 largest (two stroke) Displacement (c.c.'s) ever put in a Minibike/cycle?

    speedway widow maker ran 80cc 2 stroke Sachs. I believe they had a 125 2 stroke also
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    What is "Vintage" really?

    I have minis from the 60s and the 70s and it hits you that they are 50 plus years old. lets see if the new ones stand the test of time if they do then they can start calling them vintage.
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    speedway 14 inch fenders

    still looking for a set of fenders for my widow maker rider quality or above. I would love to finish this thing
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    How to get crankshaft pulley off of engine

    my 2 cents is get the clutch/gear puller tool at any auto parts store. they have 3 prongs that grab the back of the pulley and a central bolt. the bolt is set on the end of the shaft. the bolt is tightened and the prongs grip the pulley/clutch and lossen it as you crank down on the bolt. The...
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    What is it

    looks like fox thuderbolt
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    speedway 14 inch wheel fenders

    need front and rear to complete my widow maker scavenger hunt.
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    Any Ideas?

    looks like a 1969 rupp scrambler split engine plate drum brakes and lighted h35 i believe in came in green. Tank is incorrect.
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    Thank you chipper easy interaction and fast delivery.
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    im interested ill send a pm
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    long ride to get this powell

    Great info thanks Dave. I am a novice welder and appreciate the good advice.
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    long ride to get this powell

    it looks like they did a good job engineering and building them. I just noticed on mine the spring for the mono-shock looks like it is broken. that will be a challenge to find. unless i can get it welded . It is thick enough to weld but ill search for a replacement that is similar.
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    long ride to get this powell

    Serial number is 9294 03271 Model # HS400552778 The gas tank is metal which is pre 1970 it has a faded ballon style decal which is pre 1971 The oil fill may have been added not sure. Can they be screwed in to the oil fill port? My best guess is 1969 engine. built on 294th day of that...
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    long ride to get this powell

    I didn't look up the numbers yet but I think you could get a Powell with a Tecumseh. did you research the date ? just wondering if it is period correct which it looks like to me.
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    long ride to get this powell

    tech hs 40 lighted i believe it is correct and plastic clutch guard. drove over 2 hours to get. they are still out there stay thirsty my friends.