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  • Hey Kenny, I'm starting the redo on the el burro for the show in Ann Arbor this spring. I need a couple of seats. One for the el burro and one for my daughters little indian. The one for the little indian needs to look like a football, with the laces down the center. Can you do something like that?
    Thanks - Steve
    hey kenny I need a seat for a fox sprite minibike in white for christmas for my daughter
    thanks richs
    What kind of a seat can you come up with for a Trail Horst Chopper? MYBIZ has pictures of an orig. seat.
    I'm looking for parts for trykes and VT-8's and 10's. I live in northwest ohio. I'm also looking for small engines like 5hp. If you can help me out at all. It would be greatly appreciated. My number is 419-966-8307
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