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    Jc penny swinger

    ∆∆∆∆∆ This is a JC Penny's swinger bike made by Rupp. Your bike is not even close.
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    Jc penny swinger

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    Powell roller / project for sale.

    Maybe. Thinking about it. Interested in a trades?
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    1960's Arco mini in NC

    I probably would get that if I was closer. The clutch cover is repopped and available. Give her a nice paint job and let it rip.
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    1960's Arco mini in NC

    Good price as it looks original. @RobertC Is this by you. @weldkingoc maybe by you.
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    NOS Bonanza brake lever

    Thanks for the tip.
  7. PXL_20220801_161902641.jpg


    All original
  8. PXL_20220801_161842168.jpg


    All original
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    ST100 in Ohio for 200.00

    I didn't have the link. Just got the info from a Cali friend.
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    Bonanza Chopper Parts

    Have you checked Rt21 trading Company, mini bike parts. They have springs. You will have to check the size you need. They do have the dimensions listed. Company is a little Shakey but I just got something from them last week.
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    Bonanza Chopper Parts

    I think they are listed on eBay.
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    Cant figure out what frame we have

    No clue.