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  • Hey Chopper,I am a original owner of your exact minibike. So happy to finally see another. Dude I have every piece of paper that came with it new. Manual, parts and price list. Everything , even the tag that came under the gas cap. How happy are you. Model is called a DELTA 1 CHOPPER or DELTA I CHOPPER. Looks like an I. Get on here and write me back! I have some motor questions for you.
    Hi! I read some of your posts about your chopper but I did not find any pictures. I think we have the same bike. My dad bought one new for me in 1971 and I road the wheels off of it. I still have the bike and I am starting a restoration so my son can ride it. It is still pretty complete except someone borrowed the carb and intake and my clutch cover is missing. I am going to disassemble and blast for a repaint. I am trying to find someone to make the decals for me. My seat is also in terrible shape. If you find someone that can make one, please let me know. Let me know about your bike when you get time. Thanks, James
    . That's what I ordered gaskets and a piston for and they worked out fine. Feel free to ask any questions as you go along as I have become pretty familiar with this little monster and can save you some time. Last week on E-Bay a motor like this one sold for about 75.00! looked pretty complete too. Check there and ask people in here, you never know who might have one in a corner! Good luck!
    Hi Paul and thank you. My dad found this at a yard sale back in 1974. He fixed it up and gave it to me that year on Christmas day when I was 10 years old. He died 2 years later and after I wore it out I put it in boxes and somehow kept up with about 95% of it! My kids are 10 and 12 so after 30 years of dragging it around I finally got to it and had a blast. A lot of memories and a really neat feeling when I think about my Dad tightening the very same bolts way back when. Anyway - thats the origin and I believe it would be about a 68' to 70' vintage and probably sold through Penneys or Sears who Bird contracted with. The plate on the motor was missing but the best I could estimate for an engine number was an H35-45550P
    you need to clear out room in your message box! I cant reply with bird info!
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