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    460 Big Block Drag Bike

    This one belongs to a good friend of mine ,going to see just how fast a mini can go:scooter:.Here is a few pics of the engine mount cut out and replaced with .120 wall tubing and an inch and quarter lower
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    DB30 Make-Over

    New brakes for the db. This brake setup works great on a mini. A little cutting and modifying of the factory bracket and it mounts right up.
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    What do you think?

    Not to single anyone out,but if you preorder from a company, shouldn't all preorders be filled Before the item is placed back in stock and for sale.
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    Sprocket alignment help!

    The db30 came with a smaller engine and the bolt pattern is smaller than a 212 bolt pattern, so you have to drill New holes or buy the adjustable motor plate. FYI the plate I bought didn't fit the bolt pattern on my db30. So I drilled New holes,clutch ran inboard
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    DB30 Make-Over

    Engine mounting rails are inch and quarter .095 wall tubing to fit standard karting mounts, small block or big block. With 5in of adjustment, I will able to run any combo, straight off motor or tav with a juggernaut:scooter: Big shout out to Stock Car Steel, excellent service and fast shipping...
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    International The Red Rocket- 1985 XR build

    Electric carving knives work great for shaping foam too.
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    DB30 Make-Over

    New project started, had this little db30 for about 8 years now and it has been a lot of fun, but it's time for a Make over. These dbs are very similar to the ct200 in frame design and shape. Cut this one up a little more than the last one so l decided to get more creative with a jig to get...
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    Internal Fins on side cover mods?

    The webbing you are referring to is actually support for the bearing boss, if you remove them from the sidecover or the block, it will be prone to cracking.
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    Anything Goes! Colman CT200. Build

    Thanks Man, how did you do that.
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    Anything Goes! Colman CT200. Build

    Thanks, lt is a hoot, with 18-20hp on a mini it always IS. With the rear tire change, it made the bike steer and ride much better. I will have to agree with one of the earlier reply that these Coleman's are a great base to build off of.
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    Anything Goes! Colman CT200. Build

    WOW, over a hundred views of finished product and no comments,thumbs up or nothen,gusset y'all don't like it. Ol well ,here's a list of the parts used to build the bike. Rear break set up from Amazon 250 dirt bike,70 in hydraulic hose with left hand master cylinder. Mega moto foot pegs, heavy...
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    Anything Goes! Colman CT200. Build

    Bike is finished and I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Big thanks to all that helped out and B&B Machine for the top notch machine work. Here's the finished product, boots and all. There will be a little video on YouTube, McPower and the Coletrain back on track.With current gearing, a...
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    Anything Goes! Colman CT200. Build

    Update, quick turnaround on the powder. Big shout out to my stepson Zack as he pulled a few strings and got er dun . Steering damper has been on the bike, will have pictures of finished product Sunday, thanks for the kind words, it's been a blast building it. Small parts painted and most of the...
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    Anything Goes! Colman CT200. Build

    Update,frame and forks stripped down and off to powder coat. All the small parts and hardware will receive a little,paint and polish before reassembly. Started some of the polish work, looks good from here. LOL
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    New flat track bike

    Nice work, got me wanting to build one of then there flat trackers.