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  • Anyone looking for me or trying to send me a message, I'm hardly on here any more. But if you have a Facebook page I'm on there all the time. Just search for Charles Mosley Minidragbike on Facebook and you will find me, and send me a message.
    Would you build a head for an GX-200, 32mm intake and 28mm exhaust, ported on both sides? If you would build it, how much do you charge?

    My email is, If you could just email me I would appreciate it.

    Michael Pendley
    The people on this site should be able to help you. I spend most time on Facebook though. But I will check it out
    Hi thar minidragbike ! U seem to know much about these engines ...wondering i u could look at my thread about
    Pred. 212 ( stock 4now ! ) no throttle response ? Or direct me to somebody that can help me with this problem. From MA. and really need my snowblower / Pred. 212 to work !
    Sorry everyone I been missing in action. Mainly on Facebook chatting with many people needing help as well. So, I'm back for now
    Can you give me some pointers on porting an old gx160 head or some pictures.
    Old style gx160 head(27mm/24mm)
    Going to port it and mill it prob .065 or more depending on clearance
    Flat top piston file fit rings
    Stock bore
    Arc +.020 con rod
    NrRacing 307-1006 cam
    CM pushrods
    1.3 billet rockers
    Dual springs
    Arc billet aluminum flywheel 6619 (8* advance)
    On 110octane
    Gov removed
    do you know where to get a frame like jd 390 on youtube plese reply need one!!!!!!!!!!!! like this one JDs new 390 Mini Bike - YouTube
    Had a few questions for you im from ohio and run karts we run a clone or honda gx200 stock apearing anything in the inside is game. I was wondering what you thought about running 32mm intake and 28 exhaust valves for the head with a full port and polish . and head milled to make it a 14cc so i was wondering what springs you think would be a good match also planing on running a 308 cam with the 625 sock apearing carb billet rod or arc ? any helps would be good thanks . looks like you do alot of good work!
    I posted a question for ya in the clone engine mod section under wanting to build 25+hp clone. Just in case you don't see it. Thanks man.
    Yes all engines require so much TQ for sealing purposes. But I can tell you what that engine takes. But looking at the size, it has to be around 15 foot pounds.
    Hey Wildman, hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend. I am, playing out in the shop all weekend. Will probably put new rear tire on the trainbike and take it for a spin too!
    Go to
    Register, and post what your looking for. The 330 is the older model, the 340 is the newer model. Which can be purchased from any junior dragster dealer.
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