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  • Hey, I was dealing with Rey earlier this week and ordered qty 9 MBX11 rolling chassis. I would really like to buy a bunch of MBX10 Rollers, I saw your signature said $109 for a roller. Can you provide me these bikes, and what kind of deal could you give me if I purchased 10, 20, 50, or 100 rolling chassis?

    Hi Motovox,
    Each of my kids got a MBX10 from their grandparents this past Christmas. We just got them helmets and the weather is finally nice enough, so they just started riding them yesterday... My son's is running way too rich and keeps failing the spark plug. He has between 2 - 3 hours on it and I've cleaned the plug twice. Is there any way to lean out the carb a bit? i didn't see any adjustment screws.

    BTW. my kids LOVE them! My daughter has blisters all over her throttle hand, and we still can't get her off of the MB. she just wears her little pink gloves and scoots around the yard. :)
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