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  • Hey,

    I bought a Holder 125 MiniCycle with a Tecumseh ah817mb. It's missing the shroud and I'm trying to figure out if I can find something that will fit it since I can't find one for that model. I was searching the forum and saw you post that you have the .PDF manual for this engine. If you still have that, would you mind sending it to me? My email is and I also have a thread in the
    General Minibike area.


    Hello, what do you know about the sears big wheel mini bikes? I just bought one and I'm going to restore it, but having a hard time figuring out the missing parts.
    I read on an old post that you have the shop manual for a honda gx200, anyway you can email that to me? my email is it would help a ton.
    How do i time tha balance shaft on a honda gx340? been looking around and have no clue. please help
    Hey, are you still in need of a custom axle? I broke down and bought a good set of dies, just made 16" X 5/8 axle for my Brooks. It was cake. I'd be happy to make you one. I have both the 5/8 -11 (rough thread) and the 5/8 - 18 (fine thread) dies. Let me know.
    I live in St George. I have some of my kids living up in SLC. I'm looking for a 5/8 shaft that runs a 5/8 symmetric belt. Does the driven you have run that type of belt? How is it held on the shaft (key or set screws?). Let me know

    Hi Motra,

    Looks like I had the same idea as some other posters... am after the GX340 manual you mentioned in a previous thread. Had some problems with my digger and one of the push rods is now bent. Would be nice to give the machine a proper service while I'm doing some work on it anyway. If you still have the manual, would be a big help if you could send it (have looked online previously but can only get extracts from the manual, not the complete thing). If not, thanks anyway.


    Hi Motra. I saw one of your past messages. Could you email the original owners manual and parts manual for a Kawasaki Coyote? I saw you offered them to another member. I just picked one up and it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks for your help! Vinnie
    Hi, nice to meet you.
    I'm in Murray.
    Good lookin scoot, did you restore that yourself? (avatar)
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