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  • hey scott. ditto what evil said. whats up with the pin up pix? are you saving those for yourself ? lol.
    Hi. I found your post about the HF floor-mounted bender through a search -- part of the first step in my son and I building a mini bike. If your offer is still open to sell dies for tubing for the bender, I'd love to buy a set from you. Please email me at . Thanks very much.
    Smallbore , I like your dies also, can you email me at so I can get a price for a 7/8 and 1" die set. thanks Gene
    Hey smallbore, just joined after a search on HF benders & tight radius bends. I am looking to fab up some simple 1" round pipe to 3.5 - 4" radius. These are for simple seat frames for a jeep. I'd like to buy a "cheap" HF bender & get the dies from you if necessary. Which HF bender & die set (from you) would you recommend for this 1" OD project. I don't know how to attached a pic for you, but I can send it direct if you'd like.
    Thanks for your help,
    Benjamin N. Ca.
    hey smallbore i like your dies e mail me so we can talk thanks hunter (Dave)
    Just wondering if you got my e-mail about a set of dies I sent a few days ago. Thanks Mike
    Fork legs on my Wards/Gilson bike are stock Honda CT-70 off an early 1980's model. Triple clamps are home made.
    Click on "UserCP" at the top left corner. In the next Menu look for SETTINGS & OPTIONS. Click on "edit avatar" then browse, and save changes...Thats it, your done !!
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