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  • Do you know where I might buy some old Briggs, or sheds full of minibike parts to rummage thru?
    Hello, I saw your avatar. I noticed that it has a modern engine in it. What frame is that?
    I have a GX390 and Im looking for a frame similar to that pic with suspension front and rear.
    Any help you can give me would be great!

    Thanks, Chris
    Jake from Florida sold me one of his Bonanza bikes. It's the 1300 series in blue and a very original bike. I am thinking about taking it apart and restoring the bike which is mostly cosmetic. Jake mentioned you might know a source for the blue paint? I also live in Florida. Had a Bonanza as a young kid and just had to find one again many years later. So I am looking forward to a small project if I can do it right. I appreciate and help you can offer. - Tom
    Hello do you have any more bonanza chain
    Guards ready? If so what's the price
    Thanks. Andy. 425 770 7667
    Hello Ed- I recently purchased a Powell Challenger form Bill Siples of Riverside, Ca, whom said that you did the restoration. He also told me that you had traded him for an earlier model for the bike. Do you remember this bike? Can you give me some details about the restoration? Any help would be great Thanks very much!-- Jay De Pol, Kent Island, MD.
    Hey Ed i hear you be there friday . We are going to try to set up beside Jake , i will be there thursday morning . My brothers bringing a rupp and a raptor powered powell that still need a little work maybe you can help . See ya friday
    hey Ed hows it going great to here your going to winber . I also just bought Jakes rupp he will bring it to winber . We are also looking for a jockey for the super powell to race some dumb asss at wimber he wants to run it against his raptor . I know you don't think much of powells but i think you would like this one , motor pulls real fu-king hard .
    Hello Evil one : Well it's that time again to celebrate Valentine's day and of course your birthday. I hope you can go out and have a great time with your vast number of friends.
    I also have things to celebrate on Valentines day. 50 years ago I joined the U. S. Navy and 48 years ago I got married in South Gate my birth place.
    Friendship always. Steve
    whats up? hows your bonanza going? hey i am getting wyatt to stick stuff on ebay, how much should i ask for the bonanza fiberglass tank shell$?.
    how you doing with that frame? I,ll build up a bonanza later after seeing a couple this weekend out at James house. I rode a powell for the first time sunday and i like those except for the goofy rear brake lever! went right off the trail in to the bushes on the first down hill!.
    Hello, Do you know if the Tecumseh manuals you have listed have part numbers for the Tecumseh AH817MB? If so, I would be interested in purchasing the manual from you. Thank you
    Yeah mine as well. Once we get my nephews motor right we plan on doing the same. Thing is you just never know what motor they will have in there bike when they come out. If it's CJ's old motor then we want a shot at it. Rino or Frankinstein 5HP briggs set up they got it's pointless.
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