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  • ill be giving you a call some time tomorrow..let me kno when you are free because i have alot of questions
    Hey Mark, 8 lbs is alot, I only dropped 15 lbs by removing the heavy motor plate and the overbuilt re inforcements. I just triangulate the bulkhead, and the rear of the frame around the live axle setup. I also just run cross braces above the tire and in front of the tire, thats all u really need. Actually, a chassis that is too rigid doesn't work as good to me so I let it flex a little. What is ur email address and I can shoot u some pics of my setup and u can "copy cat" like some people say and see what I do and make ur changes to work for u. I am leaving camping tomorrow for the weekend so I will shoot u pics next week. BTW I like ur drag bike builds, I am considering a pro comp chassis for my son, but I will get him used to the minibikes first.
    hey frank, ive since got rid of the big plate with a azusa plate and tubes, it knocked off 8 pounds, so, i been thinking about the kart mount deal as well. I use 7/8 tube for the frame, but, the motor mount stuff is like 1-1/4 or 1-1/8 tube, right? how did u notch the bigger tube to the 7/8? what am i missing, lol? I would like to see some pics, and ill keep them to myself, you know? its good with me. thanks man, and keep doin what we do....
    It was ladder bar with a for 9". I had a detroit locker in it and it had the same problem with going straight if it cam down hard from a wheelie. It is because of the front suspention being stock, it needed to be changed, but I didn't have money to do it and besides I sold it to pay bills after my motorcycle accident. I knew that was my car, to many similarities. Color, hood, wheels, etc. Do you have Donnies number, cuz I would like to go see his shop and see the car?
    ay frank donny has a shop in hesperia i do believe he stays out there aswell the nova looked like ladder bar set up an had either a 9 inch or big pontiac rear end. what rearend was in it when u had it
    You need Kidney bean wheels to be OG, but you can use Go Powers with the round holes. The sprockets do not interchange with each other but the drum brake is the same. If you have a swingarm bike you need to run the jackshaft.
    need AMSoil, we got it, let me know if you want to run it. It outperforms Royal Purple, and I will save u money. I will give out racer discounts at the races. $8.25 a quart. $8.00 a quart is you buy a case of 12.
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