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    Video: Gomas Minibike Massacre #11 June 25, 2022 Wareham, MA

    Gump, let the Facebook crew know it's up (still not a member) Thanks
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    Video: Gomas Minibike Massacre #11 June 25, 2022 Wareham, MA

    Gomas Minibike Massacre #11 June 25, 2022 Wareham, MA
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    National Flag Day

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    This is at an estate sale tomorrow any ideas

    Looks like a "Maico" Logo.
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    Goma's Minibike Massacre 11 June 25th 2022 Wareham, MA

    I am not coordinating this event, but do a video every year of it Good time.
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    I need help CRACKED METAL HELPP!!!

    You might be able to find a new flywheel on ebay. But I would save the money and buy a new Predator engine at Harbor Freight, it would be your best bet with your limited knowledge of engines, you can get a 6.5hp for just over $100 and nothing will be wrong with it. Good Luck, take it slow.
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    Dumb question….

    Manchester "wood" know. I'd guess 3/8 Plywood.
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    Butchered Bonanza identification

    I don't have any knowledge of Bonanza's, but the forks certainly do look short, nice project.
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    Help needed with identification

    Ultra Cool, Sachs engine.
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    Member Steve Durham passed away...

    Sorry to hear the news.
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    Can anyone shed some information

    Considering the fenders are square, you might be able to fabricate if you can get the dimensions.
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    Looking for a seat like the one in the attached photo. New or used.

    I had a Steen that had a seat that looked like that if that helps the search. Although I'm not sure if it was the stock seat.
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    Gas cap I.D

    Measure it up and look at pics of original caps. Search ebay with the dimensions. I found one for my Broncco Diablo after a lot of looking. Good Luck.
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    RIP Michael Nesmith

    Hard to see all my childhood hero's passing on. Thanks for the music Mike.
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    Tecumseh H70 aftermarket piston ring direction

    Update: Found a small diagram in with the other parts of a piston and and several different side views of rings, I guess this is a diagram for multiple piston types and found a pairing that I think will work Top Ring: inside bevel faces up 2nd ring: outside bevel faces down I guess I'm going...