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  • Hey wayne PM me and let me know if you have any old mini bikes up for sale. I am looking for a wonter project.

    Thanks friend
    Hi wayne
    you the one with the keystone parts on ebay? what up with the rims, you got a price in mind. I pick=ed a keystone frame at a junk yard and need all the parts. I won the tank.
    Al Wall
    Hi Wayne. trying to get some pics or ad or info for a scat that you talked about way back. posted some pics.Anything? I cant Find ANYTHING. Thanks,Scott
    Hey Wayne,

    I also forgot to mention that I have a Tecumseh 2 stroke engine with a diaphragm car that runs perfect. I resembles the red 2 stroke Clinton motor in your pics. It also has the 4 bolt mounting brackets. This came off my fathers late 70's snow thrower. I actually rebuilt the carburetor about 3 months ago and then he told me he didn't want the snow thrower. So after getting it in tip top shape I ended up removing it from the old snow thrower. It is all gold and has the Tecumseh metal tag. I figured it might be something we could trade for decent roller. Let me know if your interested. If not I will just cell it to someone on the site. I figured I would give you first crack at it.
    I understand. If you have time in the next week or so we could stop down. I would hate to see you go through your stuff without any help. Also, after talking to my nephew he didnt seem to picky on tge size of a roller frame as long as it wasnt for a small child, like the ones powered by a chainsaw engine. How is your son Randy doing?
    Hey Wayne, I hadn't heard back from ya since I sent a message to you just a few days ago. I hope you and your family are doing well. I am looking for a roller frame for my nephew. If you have a few that might fit would fit a low budget please let me know. Maybe we could stop down in the next week or so.

    Thanks again
    Wayne, I hope all is going well? It has been awhile since we have spoken. My 19 year old nephew has become interested in mini bikes and is looking for either a cheap but big roller less then $80 or a complete non running one for less then $120. My nephew is 6'4". So size of the bike is important. Well feel free to send me pics to my email agrees thanks again. I may end up down for a visit if you have anything good.

    My cell phone is 717-439-5525

    Wayne, thx for your responce to my post asking for identification of my mini bike. Can you tell me if there is a serial # somewhere on frame that may help with the make, model and year. I am getting a different I.D. from everyone that has responded.
    Thank You
    Hey Wayne hope all is well. I'm looking for the originial Taylor type Exhaust for my Tecumseh HS40 engine. Will pay good dough for it, if you don't have one maybe you can point me to someone who has. Thanks Frank
    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I am not sure how a snow mobile runs? Never seen the inner workings of one to know if it would mate up to a super bronc. Some of the people in the forumn have tried to help but it's not easy to find either a vt1040 jackstaff with Tav or the vt1012 which is what I have which originally came with a Tav and brake setup without a jackstaff all on one side. Thanks again for your help and please keep me posted if you find out anything. I am weary of some of the people
    In the forumn especially when some want $350 for the tav for a bronc. I think it's outrageous. What do you think?
    Hi Wayne,
    If by chance you are not able to locate a TAV for the Super Bronc I was wondering if you still kept in contact with the person you got the Super Bronc from? Maybe he still has the TAV who knows. lol Its been difficult to find this part. I made a few calls and most want 5-6 hundred dollars which isn't worth all that. There are few of these bike left in the country.
    Hi Wayne,
    How have you been doing? I was wondering if you you keep your eye open on a Super Bronc Tav/Break all in one. I know you get out alot and you may run across one in one of your trips. If so I would be willing to give you $150 for a good working Tave with break. The Tav would have the break assembly all on the left side of the bike as your sitting on it. Let Randy know as well, maybe he knows of someone that may have one.

    Thanks again.

    I hope you all is well with your family.
    Thanks for the nice comments on my trike. Got the frame/front end off Ebay for less then 150 shipped. Rebiult diff added new rims off Murray 30" rider mower, recycled an office chair for its cushions added a briggs Intek again off Ebay for less then 60 running. Had to replace the front end-forks were modified to use a bicycle wheel. Used my old Monkey Ward forks-removed handlebars and replaced with vintage BMX handlebars. Will in near future replace front wheel with wheel again from Evilbay that has a brake to help stop this thing better. Repaint forks red but keep yellow for thw wheel. Colrs are from the German flag as thats where I was born. Thanks again for the postive comments-grandchildren love it.
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