1. Sixpac440

    2-1/2" brake band and puck

    For a Heathkit Hilltopper. The Puck will have a 5/8" I.D. with a keyway. Thanks Kevin
  2. K

    2-1/2 HP Tecumseh governer

    I'm getting ready to hook up the throttle on my old 2-1/2 horse Tecumseh.The return spring on the bell crank is broken,but I can get around that.What I need to know is the position the governor arm and throttle is supposed to be in at rest.I know on some things the throttle is wide open until...
  3. KustomKartKid

    WTB Old White Techumseh 2-1/2 hp

    Looking for a nice complete vintage 2-1/2 hp Tecumseh in white for my trike project...don't want or need a lot of horsepower for this one just a nice little complete motor. Original paint, stickers etc is a bonus. I'm willing to $tep up with a nice offer for the right one....whatcha got? PM...