212 cc

  1. vegetable

    Tillotson 212 22mm carb bolts loosened while riding, now wont start

    I was riding my mini when i suddenly lost power and when i pulled into my garage i saw my carb manifold bolts on the head were loose. took engine off cause I needed to do an oil change anyway, when i finished reassembly of the carb bolts (tightened down), replaced the gasket on the surface where...
  2. 661_Minis

    Piston to valve clearance

    Hello, I’m currently building a 212 non hemi and have ran into some issues with my piston to Valve clearance.. I aligned the cam dots and put the side cover on, put in my pushrods and spun the engine over and my piston is hitting the valves, I personally think my pushrods are way too long (...
  3. B

    Broke my crankshaft and trying to find the right replacement

    I have a non-hemi predator 212 and the crankshaft broke to the point where i can’t put my torque converter on. I’m trying to find a replacement part for it but all I can find specifically for predators are hemi cranks. I don’t know if those are compatible or not. I also found a tillotson...
  4. E

    New Custom Candy Flake Paint and Modified Predator Engine - oh and Model Photo Shoot

    Hi I am a brand new member but have been reading and getting lots of extremely useful information from this site for a few months now. I have just finished, well almost finished, building and painting my first mini bike which was a $60 impulse buy at a yard sale which turned into a slightly...
  5. fordx

    HF 212 Clutch size?

    Hello, I want a performance clutch but i don't know what size fits my motor, also any recommendations as to quality and longevity between certain clutches? Thanks