1. M

    mountainmini's - Bonanza 1100 - (Vintage Class)

    I hope I can complete my idea for this build. It will be a very unique entry.
  2. james ackerman

    Wtb tecumseh ah82

    Actually looking for two ah82 tecumseh vintage kart engine's one right and one left hand drive.
  3. R

    Tecumseh AH82 2 cycle engine information

    Hello forum members, I was wondering if anyone knows the specifications,horse-power rating, years made,of a Tecumseh Power Products AH82 2 cycle engine???:confused: Also.if anyone knows where I might find replacement parts(NOS,or other) for this engine would be great to have a reply...
  4. R

    Taco mini bike Tecumseh model AH82 engine/parts

    Hello forum members, I am looking for a Taco minibike(do not know any other forum that may help me on this endeavor,so here is my first post!) Tecumseh model # AH82 2 cycle engine parts;specifically NOS carb,intake manifold assembly,and/or (primary reason for this post!!) the exhaust header...