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    New Guy from Alaska

    Hey Guys, Awesome site, tons of great info. I originally wanted to build a trapper trail copy or El Burro copy but have gotten semi-sidetracked with restoring a Bonanza MB200 for my daughter. I'll post pics of the current progress in the other forum when I get done here. I also have a Bird Eng...
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    Found in Alaska (never ridden).

    1970 Arctic Cat Mini-bike Brand new. Was looking for frames and ran across this little gem. IF money was not an issue this year I would be all over it.
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    New guy from Alaska

    Just bought my first mini, a Powell Challenger. I started another thread with pictures already. Looking forward to learning a lot from these forums. Great stuff so far!
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    Alaska Powell Challenger 2815-D

    Well I managed to dive into mini-bikes with a nice Powell Challenger that had been stored for about 25 yrs :smile: still doing my research on it. I think the basket and some other metal was an add on later, but it was a decent job to start with. A little light surface rust in places, no big...

    help with the ID of my indian? in ALASKA

    Hello from Alaska .....i will be trying to post some photos....i will describe it first though...maroon in color,looks to have grand series bars...white 5hp fendered, black with white piping in the seat...2speed shaft ....actually its in real nice all original bike with minor...
  6. Doodlebug Snow plow

    Doodlebug Snow plow

    This photo taken in Jul 1959 while Gramps was stationed in Alaska
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    hello from alaska

    just picked up this frame, trying to fiqure out what it is, previous owner thinks its a Rupp bronco, has a bronco molded into foot peg... anyone out there have info? stevie j.