Alaska Powell Challenger 2815-D

Well I managed to dive into mini-bikes with a nice Powell Challenger that had been stored for about 25 yrs :smile: still doing my research on it. I think the basket and some other metal was an add on later, but it was a decent job to start with. A little light surface rust in places, no big pitting, original engine, a few teeth missing not he rear wheel, but thats about it. She runs pretty decent as well! This will make a fun winter project here in Alaska for sure.

Anyone have anymore insight on this beast? How much would you have paid for it?

Thanks everyone, looking forward to learning a bunch more here.
Thanks guys! I had to jump on this thing, didn't know much about it, but it looked awesome. Had about 5 minutes to research it before I needed to head out to look at it. Glad I did, I think I did ok :)

I'm in the USAF as a survival instructor (SERE) and I jump out of airplanes!
Original General tires, fork is straight as a whistle, shocks work all around. It has the foot brake and grip brake as well kick stand. I think she is a "survivor"!


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Polish that gem!! Did real good one that. Thanks for helping our boys survive any mishaps. I was thinking maybe firefighter air jumper type thing. Super sweet bike! Baskets are killer!! Looks like ya could be surviving any challenge out in da woods with that one.


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Very nice find! It has some interesting mods and to be honest, I like them. I'd polish that cool bike up and leave it as is.


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Ya gotta deal on that one! The throttle, clutch guard, and rear wheel are worth what ya paid! It looks to be in great shape, and with the exception of that "basket", all the right parts are there!
Thanks for your service and the good karma is a bonus!
Thanks every one for the feedback! I was pretty sure I did well and it's a blast to ride. Looking forward to learning more about it and getting it in tip top shape.