alexander reynolds

  1. EZRider_75

    Excited about new paint!!

    Hey guys, I'm restoring my ARCO Easy Rider. I tried to get the paint to match the best I could to original, and ended up with Rust-Oleum Regal Red with a Apple metal flake finish. Currently my freshly painted bike parts are drying in the spare bedroom until they are dry enough to work with and...
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    partial re assemble
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    before dis assemble
  12. 20171108_181414.jpg


    Pennsylvania barn find
  13. E

    Alexander reynolds ez rider parts

    Looking for rear fender?
  14. S

    Need seat for Arco minibike 6" center mount

    looking for a seat for my arco minibike, needs a 6" center mount. can vary a little on the length. thank you
  15. S

    I am New Here

    Hello Everyone, I am very excited to find this site. I found a 3-Z Rider bike made by Alexander Reynolds in my grandfathers barn. Can't find any info about it? I have the serial number and model number, but can't seem to find out anything online. Where do I post pics to see if anyone knows...
  16. M

    ARCO 3 Z Wheeler

    Hello All ... New to this Forum, which looks likes it is full of tons of great info .. Just curious, after a search, if anyone is familiar with an older 3 wheeler, made by Alexander Reynolds or ARCO ? I picked one up, and can vaguely read the name plate on the front, which looks to say 3-Z...
  17. L

    Original Surviving Alexander Reynolds

    I finally came to the realization that I can't do everything so therefore it is time to sell the Alexander Reynolds (at least thats what I was told it was when I bought it). The bike has a broken foot peg, a missing air cleaner, and striped crankshaft threads. The Tecumseh H50 turns over no...
  18. Acolytus

    Alexander Reynolds "Arco" mini bike project

    Well today I decided to start to check out/tear down my Arco mini bike. I was wondering how to get the front and rear tire off. I think I might have to use a pry bar, but I'm afraid of bending the forks. Any suggestions on how to do it? Also, I was planning to drop a Predator 212cc on this bike...
  19. Acolytus

    Three new vintage bike projects!

    Well, made the deal today and got the three bikes- pretty excited to restore them. Now I'm gonna have some questions along the way about these (hope no one minds). But I have some good plans for them! The middle one is a Trail Bronc, the chopper is a late 60's Manco Chopper and the other one is...
  20. Acolytus

    Update on the three vintage mini bikes

    Well the guy with the three vintage rollers offered me a deal to get all three of them for $500. I'm defiantly going to buy them. Thanks guys for the help. Sorry if I ask too many questions I'm still learning about mini bikes.