1. bremerman

    WTD Bremer mini scoot parts

    Interested in any Bremer Mini Scoot items you may have. Need kick stand, jackshaft bearing block, brochures. Thank you. :wink:
  2. F

    Bremer Mini Scoot

    I have a Bremer Mini Scoot, Looking for any info on this awesome Scooter, There is some cool history behind this scooter I am willing to share, May have to sell if any one is interested. Thanks.
  3. superflea

    Bremer Mini Scoot Video

    1945 Bremer mini scooter - YouTube I hope this link works. Thought you guys might be interested. I have one of these Bremers as does another member on here. Third hand info I've gathered says there was only 3-5 hundred of these made before Cushman pushed Bremer back into thier original...
  4. T

    Bremer MiniScoot 1950 in New Zealand.

    Hi this little bike just came up on a auction over here in New Zealand , anyone know any info on these and if they are very rare? Other Bremer MiniScoot 1950 | Trade Me
  5. superflea

    Bremer Mini Scoot

    Check this link out guys. I will be interested in what it finally goes for but there is some good info on this recent acquisition. Other Makes Other Makes | eBay :scooter::pimp: