1. K

    sprocket disc brake caliper

    ebay has a rear disc caliper that uses the sporcket for the disc. but i dont use ebay. anyone know of any place besides ebay to get 1 like that. please post a link
  2. S

    WTB- Fox exhaust, caliper, anything else

    WTB, Caliper, exhaust for bike pictured
  3. jeep4me

    Kelsey Hayes 220 Brake Caliper

    Picked up this nice little brake caliper, but was unable to use it. K-H 220 1505 with the mounting bracket. Pucks are in decent condition. Asking $65 shipped. PayPal preferred... As a friend or include the fees.
  4. trinik7597

    Stellar brake caliper

    Limtco brake caliper $45 shipped
  5. Not so mini bike

    Rupp brake caliper (foot pedal)

    This is the rupp brake caliper that has the correct arm for the foot pedal operation. Caliper is in excellent shape and has been started on the polishing. Comes with all hardware. Including the mount bracket and spacers. Pads are in great shape. $55 shipped
  6. Not so mini bike

    Lil Indian/Speedway brake caliper

    Used but still in good shape. $125 shipped obo Trades welcome. I need some Honda power parts. Flat slide carb and intake, cam, rod, big valve head What's put there. I know you guys don't like spending money so trade me something. Lol
  7. John G.

    Rupp caliper TT500

    Rupp caliper brake, good shape operates well and pads are in great shape. Bolt on and go. $55 shipped. Paypal as friend or add the 3%
  8. J

    Bad Dog Gigantic - Brake Caliper Issues (Help Please!)

    Hey Guys, We are having issues with the clearance with the brake caliper clearance on this build. We bought the Gigantic Kit from Bad Dog, so it included the caliper and everything but now once we have gotten everything close to assembled we are finding issues. Hoping that some folks in...
  9. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Lil Indian-correct Disc Brake caliper

    Looking for one for upcoming build-off. I know there's one on eBay but seller swapmeetman has milked me pretty dry lately. Anybody have one and willing to part with for a fair price? Thanks!
  10. V

    Needed arco disk caliper

    Needed orignal rear disk brake caliper to fit arco bike.
  11. da0023

    68 Rupp Disc Brake Caliper

    Greetings, Do any of you members have a Disc Brake Caliper from a 68' Series Rupp you would be willing to part with? The C-350 I am rebuilding has a busted caliper and the activating side is missing a substantial chunk from the casting. If there aren't any replacement parts...
  12. Ajf

    Speedway little Indian brake caliper

    I'm looking to buy a speedway little Indian brake caliper in good condition. Please reply by pm or email at
  13. H

    Wtb lil Indian mag wheel and brake caliper

    Looking for lil Indian mag wheel and brake caliper .
  14. leafvillage

    exhaust for predator 79cc engine and Brake Caliper

    Hello!! I would like to put an exhaust pipe on my mini bike. I have a 79cc Predator motor, thanks I also need to order a new brake caliper, can you please tell me which one I need. I will post photos of what is on my mini bike now. thank you
  15. james ackerman

    Fox trailbug caliper and foot pegs.

    Looking for a fox trailbug caliper and hardware also original front wheel and rear wheel hub and sprocket and foot pegs. I have a turbine wheel that could be part of trade.
  16. capguncowboy

    Rupp Disc Brake Caliper arm for a foot brake

    I need a foot-brake operated caliper arm like the one pictured (left side). The standard arm won't work. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  17. Fox Brake Caliper and Mounting Hardware.

    Fox Brake Caliper and Mounting Hardware.

    Fox Brake Caliper and Mounting Hardware with Flanged bushings for flotation.
  18. Shawnster

    RTS Hydraulic Brake Caliper Source

    Hello all, I was looking for some compatible hydraulic brake calipers for my RTS-SL and I found a source for the pretty much the exact same ones that RT21 Trading sells for half of the price! Here is the link for the 20 Series Tolomatic Hydraulic Disc Brake H20 Series brake Link for the 10...
  19. Ajf

    Little Indian brake caliper lever

    I need a lever that goes on the little Indian/speedway brake caliper.
  20. C

    Nos Kelsey Hayes disc brake caliper 220M

    Nos Kelsey Hayes brake caliper in good condition light shelf wear $30 + $7 priority shipping located in Wilkes barre Pa PayPal