comet 30 series


    Anyone looking for Carl Heald super Bronc parts and a 8hp motor?

    I have the original tecumseh 8hp motor, exhaust and muffler and the comet torque converter off of my super Bronc that I’m willing to part with if any one is interested. Offer on what ever part you are interested in. I’m in Connecticut! Ty.
  2. nightgrider

    Bird Baja Go Kart

    My dad helped me drag out my old go kart. It is a Bird Baja, rode this all over our yard growing up. As far as I know it is mostly original except for the the steering wheel, which I modified as a teenager, so I could keep riding it even though I'd technically outgrown the kart. And possibly the...
  3. TankforGod3

    comet 30 series eating belts for dinner

    ok I have a manco go kart with predator engine with a header, air filter, and .035" main jet and it eats belts. I don't think the engine is too powerful however I might be wrong but I want to know why it tears through belts. I just put a brand new kevlar belt on it and aligned the clutches. the...