1. 2 Speed Clutch Cover Overall.jpg

    2 Speed Clutch Cover Overall.jpg

    2 Speed Clutch Cover drawing with dimensions as taken from my 1970 Fox Street Scamp
  2. 20190210_160029.jpg


    Frame jig drawing
  3. Rear axle/support assembly

    Rear axle/support assembly

    This is the design of the rear axle/support assembly. This will bolt to the 6" rim and has supports for both a sprocket and a rear disc brake.
  4. jeffe

    A fat tire bobber.. ? First build.

    I have to thank Jeep2003, LowandWide and Paticus for their detailed project logs for their fat tire bikes. :thumbsup: Lots of good info there... and sweet looking bikes.. The first pic is a 1/4 scale drawing I made. I wanted to be sure the seat height and general fit would work out. 50"...
  5. X

    Is there any aftermarket Predator 301cc exhaust available?

    I'm looking for something that goes straight out the exhaust port. Not sure if the exhaust would be the same on the 212 cc engines or something else. The picture below is the port on the engine and the drawing is approximate. Note the exhaust port is offset to the rear of the motor or towards...

    Drawing a blank on this one

    At one time there was mystery around who made this one, but I know it's since been determined, but I'm drawing a blank. Never had one so I never paid much attention. Seems they were General Appliance or somehow connected to the Trail Horse line and sold through a dept store. Someone is...
  7. The Restore Kid

    yeah so I SHOULD know but I'm drawing a blank

    Big ole Monster whatever it is.. I doubt it's actually called Hog Dog or whatever they've labeled it.. :laugh: mini bike
  8. fastestdirtbug

    Mini Bike Drawing I Drew

    Hey everybody was bored so i drew a picture of a Minibike!:scooter: