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    Didnt know where else to post this, so thought i would post it here... You have some nice cars and bikes, Sir... checked out your cardomain page... one of my favorite cars is a 1967 Firebird and also 68 camaro... nice collection of cars and mini bikes!
    Tom did u take your bikes off of Here
    because of the idiots and your busy time at the shop. Thanks lester
    Does anyone have original front and rear fenders for a BC1000? Send me pics... Steve
    Wow I would really like to get an Aggie 98! Please let me vent for a sec "I can believe it! Now im getting an offer for a 98!!!" Wheeew thanks for your patience!
    I got pm'd last week from blkscorpion about a complete 97. Originally I was just looking for parts for the frame and uppper fork section I got from Mac's yard sale recently! Blkscopion had a fair price and I bit the hook. The shipping was rough but none the less I bought it.So in a about 10 days Im going to have a complete 97 which is great because it will provide me all the info I need to replicate parts for my needed 97 build project. Now back to the 98! What are you looking to get for it at a minimum "shall I say"
    When this nasty bug bit me I found a bird duck and bonanza 1200 rollers in dire shape. I gave the bird to my welder for future payment for work that I will need and bonanza is in work to be built in the OldMiniBikes 2012 build off.
    thanks again and look fwd to your reply.
    Hey Tom. I injured my hip so i cant golf much anymore, but the good thing is I finally put together the mickey Bike. I posted some photos. When I find the "Before" pics i will post them too. You wouldn't know it's the same bike. I hope you like it.
    i have been looking at an old mini bike foor my has a new engine,,but i cant make out frame. It has chrome fenders & bracets (like strip bracets used to connect to peices of wood,more like a strap) that connects rear wheels to frame..My email is I would like to foward you the images & see what u think...bobby
    say topcat here! thanks 4 the reply ,lets make a deal on one of those project bikes ? I"m in Vallejo ,CA #1-707-731-0760 call me between 1:00/7:00pm
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