dune cat

  1. Muskin (Cat) Dune Cat R9504 Brochure (Probably 1973 or 1974)

    Muskin (Cat) Dune Cat R9504 Brochure (Probably 1973 or 1974)

  2. Liviflame

    Muskin Dune Cat Find! (Help Needed!)

    Heya guys and gals! I found this old dune cat at a classic car show and was wondering what i could do to fix it up, I think its a pretty neat find for a kid like myself, sadly though, I cant seem to fit in it very well, my knees are much to close to my chest and the steering wheel is touching my...
  3. K

    Brand New Dune Cat Bodies Now Available

    Hi All, I'd like to introduce my company and product. My name is Shafi and I have started a company for my daughters called 2 Sisters Keisler. The company's mission is to provide niche products and services to the enthusiast market. I own and operate a manufacturing and sales company for...
  4. bigdaddyal77

    Homemade Dune Cat Logo's

    I have made a set of Dune Cat Logo's for those who wish to have copies. These were generated on a computer and are fairly good. I printed mine on paper sticker labels from Staples then clear coated over them. I could not find a local print shop to print onto sticker vinyl. Please feel free to...
  5. T

    HPE Muskin Dune Cat

    Hi, I picked up this Dune Cat a several weeks ago. There are more pictures within my album. It is the 3hp small tire version. It no longer has the torque convertor set but instead uses a jackshaft arrangement. The body has a small crack under the seat, repaired section in the front left nose, a...