Muskin Dune Cat Find! (Help Needed!)

Heya guys and gals! I found this old dune cat at a classic car show and was wondering what i could do to fix it up, I think its a pretty neat find for a kid like myself, sadly though, I cant seem to fit in it very well, my knees are much to close to my chest and the steering wheel is touching my thighs. i also cant get it to start, but the guy i bought it from says it ran well a few years back but hasn't gotten around to changing the oil or filling the gas tank or any maintenance at all.. I'm looking for a chassis builder or a fiberglass shop you all might know with your experience, since this is such an old cart, no-one seems to make these anymore.

the engine is a tecumseh H60-75413J

And yes, the gas tank is planned to be moved back to its original place.

Yup, that Kawasaki decal needs to go.:doah: That is a nice looking Dune Cat. If you have spark, it is most likely the carb from old gas. Take the plug out and lay it on the head and pull the rope to see if you have spark.
If you have spark, it is most likely the carb from old gas. Take the plug out and lay it on the head and pull the rope to see if you have spark.
yes! We do have spark, checked as soon as we got home, but i will be seeing about cleaning the carb and gas tank soon today. Thanks for the insight!
Update! I have changed the oil and flushed it a few times, cleaned the gas tank out and cleaned the carbeurator out to the best of my ability without having to remove it from the engine, You can certainly tel its trying to start, but she wont even turn over once, not even a sputter, ill leave this one to my father when he comes home, since he is much more mechanically inclined than i am. But any support or tips would be much appreciated!
Excellent. Then it is the carburetor. You can buy a new carb on Ebay for 10.00. Don't waste your time messing with the old carb. Save the old original carburetor and maybe mess with it when you have time to give it a good soaking and a rebuild. If you drop the bowl on the old carb it is probably crusty and yucky looking. Those little jet holes get clogged up and the gas we have now a days doesn't help.


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Just put a $10 ebay free shipping re-pop carb on it for now (and have some fun driving it) while you soak the original carb to rebuild. That's probably what I'd do.
thats awesome! thank you both so much for the help! i'll get right on that, also with the removing of those stickers :evil_laughter:

EDIT: Could one of you point me to one that would fit a tecumseh H60? Theres so many.
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Here's one that's to be for an H60 from an ebay seller in Texas item # 401135453846 for $10.85 fs. Just don't buy one that's being shipped from China with fs as it will take forever for you to get it.
Just finished cleaning out the old carb and noticed pretty nasty corrosion on the float and the bar that holds the float in seems to not want to stay put, i cleaned the carb bowl out with carb cleaner and its looking much nicer, i didnt notice any flakes of metal or debris.

the engine numbers that are punched into the metal shroud are :
H60-75413J ser-5007D

Edit: Thank you 1971_MB1A For the find! that looks like the exact one! ill bookmark it and buy it soon enough!
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Not sure you took the carb completely off but hold the float and give it a shake. If you don't here the secret ball rattle in the carb, then the carb is junk. Also check the float for pin holes. Hold the float under water and see if you get bubbles.