1. Ajf

    Bonanza hodaka expansion chamber

    Looking for an original chrome hodaka bonanza expansion chamber. Cash or trade.
  2. Ajf

    Bonanza hodaka expansion chamber exhaust

    Looking for an expansion chamber for a bonanza with the hodaka ace 90 100
  3. CmeBckKd

    Expansion Chamber on a 4 stroke

    I know it greatly improves the power of a 2 stroke motor. Would an expansion chamber not work on a 4 stroke motor? Why? How do 4 strokes get a similar advantage from their exhaust setup?
  4. markus

    pocket bike syle muffler or part of wanted

    I am looking for a pocket bike style muffler system or at least part of one to try and make something else with. All I really need is the cone shaped expansion area for the most part, so it could be cut up etc... its for something custom before I order a new one to cut up figured I'd ask...