1. G

    Ghost Rider's - Trail Horse - (18 and Under Class)

    We are the Ghost Riders. We are building a Trail Horse. We don't know what year it is. We are from West Branch middle school. We are in 8th grade. We are in Mr. Davis's CBI class.
  2. bigrob

    Ghost or cheap Chinese Electronics

    I was working in my shop tonite , useing the drillpress and across the shop my milling machine started up on its own , ran for a bit then shut off , scared the shart out of me lol I walked over and checked the switch and it was in the off position so rather than be smart and unplug it I decided...
  3. B

    Yet another ghost machine.

    I still have not been able to find anything that looks like this bike. Anyone have any ideas? I had it sand blasted, and it's in for powder coat this week. Fire Cherry Red.