Ghost or cheap Chinese Electronics

I was working in my shop tonite , useing the drillpress and across the shop my milling machine started up on its own , ran for a bit then shut off , scared the shart out of me lol
I walked over and checked the switch and it was in the off position so rather than be smart and unplug it I decided to turn it on and try it.
Poof , Snap , Pop , hmm whats that funny smell? lol

Well it fried a couple of components on the motor control board , so now I guess I will have to try to source a new one anyone speak chinese lol
I may get lucky and be able to order parts thru a local dealer
It looks like it fried a couple of scr's silcon controled rectifiers , I may be able to get a part number of them and solder in a couple of new ones
The Mill

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seeing that I watch all the ghost shows on tv (Ghost Hunters, GHI, Ghost Adventures, Haunted Highway, etc etc) I would have screamed like a little girl if that machine just "turned on". :laugh:
Is that circuit board located inside the box that houses the emergency kill switch? Is that a harbor Freight milling machine? If so call their toll free number 1-800-444-3353 and let them know what happened. You are going to need the PC board item #150 on the parts breakdown. If you don't have the manual you can download theirs online. Good Luck
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Your machine more then likely was manufactured by Sieg Co. A chinese company that makes them for a lot of other retailers ie HF. Check out their website, found that by googling sieg machine seen on your circuit board. Another site for some info is, I checked and it showed a photo of a machine like yours but grizzly.
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Ok you'll like this. I went to and the breakdown for their milling machine model G8689 is the same as Harbor Freights machine. P/N for the control board is P8689150 @ $172.50. Nearest showroom to you is Muncy PA.
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I would get rid of the whole machine, who's to say once you replace the board that this won't happen again? What caused it to fry in the first place:shrug: