go devil

  1. allstateguy


    $650 NO shipping Located in PHX, AZ 85021 It's the one in the middle of the pix Runs fine (will probably need fresh premix)
  2. A


    Bought a 20 Gal storage container at Home Depot for about $6 and cut out a new foot rest for my my Go Devil mini bike. It was missing one. This material is just the right mill, strong. and playable.
  3. S

    go devil fuji motor ignition parts needed

    go devil fuji motor ignition parts needed I need a new ignition coil and any other ignition parts, info or ideas Please help Brandon
  4. S

    Fuji Go Devil For Sale

    I have a Fuji Go Devil for sale. The bike is in pretty good shape cosmetically. Bars would have to be re-chromed if you wanted it looking flashy and the seat has a few tears around the edges. Tires look to be in good condition too. The bad news: It is missing the top end, muffler and gas...
  5. big"D"®

    Lil' Indian HellCat? Sensation Go Devil? It's not a Rupp

    The best I can tell this is a Lil' Indian Hellcat. It also resembles a Sensation Go Devil. I know it's not a Rupp but the guy I got it from insisted it was. I have the front forks too. They are sprung and the bike had spoked wheels 10 or 12" wheels. The gas tank is plastic...
  6. R

    1971 Fuji Go-Devil Spark Plug

    I have had a Go Devil sitting around for many years. It is missing the original plug. Appears that someone tried to substitute a plug that may or may not be correct type or heat range. Does anyone know the proper plug for a 71 Go-Devil with a 50cc 2-Stroke motor running 20:1 gas:oil mix...
  7. Kustomtoyz

    GO DEVIL gas cap needed!

    If anyone has a Go Devil (folding minibike) gas cap or a tank/cap you'll sell, message me! One just sold on eBay about a week ago and I missed it... Still pissed.
  8. R

    Looking for Fuji Motor Co. "Go Devil" parts

    Starting a restoration of my dad's old Go Devil (GD). I thought I would put the word out that I am looking for spare parts. Anything, really. Just looking to build a collection of spares as, either during the restoration or over time, I want to keep using correct parts as much as possible...
  9. J

    all original in working condition GO DEVIL parts.

    1 - original fuji motor. 1 - clutch 1 - gas tank 1 - chain and original inner sprocket. (not drive sprocket) 1 - original seat
  10. M

    Go devil suitcase folding mini bike wanted????

    Wanted a go devil folding suitcase bike. If anyone has one that would want to sell please tell me. Leave a price of how much you want for it.