1971 Fuji Go-Devil Spark Plug

I have had a Go Devil sitting around for many years. It is missing the original plug. Appears that someone tried to substitute a plug that may or may not be correct type or heat range.

Does anyone know the proper plug for a 71 Go-Devil with a 50cc 2-Stroke motor running 20:1 gas:eek:il mix?

Had a Champion CJ8. Have read something about a NGK B-6(Could not find in the NGK Cross Reference Charts....Partial maybe??)

Any tips on carb setup? Runs extremely rich on a Champion CJ8 plug used for quick testing. Won't idle without alot the idle screw full in. Carb is extremely clean. Needle doesn't leak. Float height adjustments?

Compression and spark are solid. Pulls well.

Thanks Guys!

PS: The other project is a Rockford Chibi.
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In the Go-Devil toolpack I had there was an NGK B-6 sparkplug.

....but I don't know if that's the correct one or not.
Got three devils, got my first one running this week. The original plug was a concave type used on old boat motors. This is what worked for me. It runs great on 32/1 cheap vavoline all pourpose 2cycle oil. As mac said i am using Ngk B6 the original plugs suck. You be runnigng very rich with todays oil at 20/1. These old motors would run on straight 30 wt if you had to. The plug your running is hotter i believe i would not use.

I set my carb at 1 turn on idle. and two turns on high speed, started on secound pull. Very close didnt need much. Been through five of these carbs and thats about where they all were. The needle should be in middle only. i would not adjust float.

See your in mn. im in brainerd..... goodluck:devil2:
Thanks for the input guys!

I'll order up some plugs and then attempt to resolve my rich burn condition with feedback to follow.

Congrats on 3Devils. Not sure what I am going to do with te one I have running let alone 3. ;)
The plug in my Go Devil engine is also the NGK B6. Can you still buy those? All I see are B6S, B6L, B6ES, and so forth.

I'm always looking for Go Devil parts, or a spare Go Devil!

I use the NGK contact info on their web site. I got in touch with a guy in Michigan who said the B6 was never sold in the USA. The B6S is a correct size match. I bought one and confirmed it. Same reach into the cylinder head, same threading, same size socket to install plug, same size and shape connecter for the plug wire. I haven't been able to try to start the bike yet, but this plug should work fine. $2 at NAPA.