1. Rimzpainted2.jpeg


    Another view
  2. Paintinparts.jpeg


    Painting rimz for the Super Bronc & Super Tryke
  3. sandblastedparts6.jpg.jpeg


    More Progress today
  4. sandblastedparts5.jpg.jpeg


    Some more progress
  5. sandblastedparts7.jpg.jpeg


    More progress again today this time I used the flash ha,ha
  6. sandblastedparts4.jpg.jpeg


    The sanblaster does such a nice job on these parts. I am really happy with the results & now its time to clean the grit off with compressor air & wiping them all down with acetone, then a few coats of POR15.
  7. VultureWing

    From the Ground up Super Bronc Restoration

    I have posted about 20 new pics in the Heald Media section. I have an old Blue Frame with the 12" tires. I stripped it down to get it in a sandblasting cabinet yesterday. wrestled it in got as much of the rust, old paint & other gunk off of it as I could down to bare metal on 90% of it. have a...
  8. BroncRimzprogress.jpg.jpeg


    progress.... these rimz were in sorry shape. They will be getting a few coats of POR15
  9. SuperBroncRimzsadshape.jpg.jpeg


    these rimz were in sorry shape
  10. SuperBrnocRimzpenetratingoil.jpg.jpeg


    these rimz were in sorry shape
  11. SuperBroncRimzB4blasting.jpg.jpeg


    these rimz were in sorry shape blasted a couple spots to show the difference
  12. SuperBroncRimzprogress2.jpg.jpeg


    these rimz were in sorry shape. Resscued to be pretty again soon.
  13. SuperBroncRimzBlasted2.jpg.jpg


    Finished result. very pleased with this.
  14. SuperBroncRimzBlasted.jpg.jpg


    Finished result. very pleased with this.
  15. blueVTX - Copy.jpg

    blueVTX - Copy.jpg

    Sand Blasting My Super Bronc Frame Results started with this.
  16. blueframeblasted results1,jpg.jpeg

    blueframeblasted results1,jpg.jpeg

    Sand Blasting My Super Bronc Frame Results
  17. nitrofish86

    Heald VT-5 Questions

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and have a few questions. I traded a guy a old go kart frame for a VT-5 roller. It does not have the jack shaft setup with it. If i flip the tire so the sprocket is on the left can i get away with running a clutch and chain on that side? This is going to be...
  18. S

    Heald Hauler Seat Attachment

    I'm in the final stages of reassembling a barn find heald hauler trike. The trike was disassembled with parts in many boxes. I have a few of the original drawings. However, the drawings are not a complete set. I've been searching the web for info on how the seat bottom is attached to the...
  19. S

    Hauler 416 Resurrection, NOT Restoration

    So I took the leap and purchased a stripped, basketcase Heald Hauler 416. I'd wanted one since I was a kid visiting Carl Heald Inc. in the 80's. My dad was the VP of Engineering at Heald in the late 70's to early 80's when they got bought out. He left Heald before they closed, but not before...
  20. motocycle

    Heald, Trail Bronc

    This is a nice original Heald, 7hp Trail Bronc Runs nice Electric Start Original, Not restored Price $1,200.00 Location Central PA, zip code 16636 I have other Heald's, Tule Troopers, also. A restored Trail Bronc 7hp, Tote Gotes, etc. When I can find the time I will get pics and post on...