1. Kevinroth1996

    Issues with juggernaut/torquezilla “nut”

    So does anyone know what the center fastener is called on the juggernaut & where I can get one? I got one for dirt cheap from someone because the spider is broke in it. I have a couple extra to replace it. Problem I’m having is the previous owner destroyed the center piece so a bit isn’t...
  2. JuggernautFullThrottle.jpg


    Juggernaut at full throttle. The belt never reaches top of the driver. And compared to a stock 30 series driver it keeps approx. 1/4" lower. Result: it is not going in overdrive. The engine needs to make more rpm's to reach the same speed as with a stock driver.
  3. Li'l Popeye

    Installation and test of Juggernaut driver on my "Herbie" minibike.

    The Chinese torque converters on both my minibikes are doing great, but as I wasn't pleased with the vibrations their drivers create, I was looking for a solution and already modified one driver slightly. I recently ordered "the Juggernaut" named like this by it's seller. I liked the design and...
  4. 20200207_153251.jpg


    Installation of "Juggernaut" super 30 series driver.
  5. 20200207_152827.jpg


    Installation of "Juggernaut" super 30 series driver.