1. J

    What make and model?

    Newby to this board and minibikes. Beginning a restoration using the frame in the attached photo. Appears to have had a countershaft. Also, had a foot operated friction brake on tire. Wondering why front fork tubes step down in size. Appears to be a repair or maybe had fork springs at one time...
  2. capguncowboy

    Anyone in the Little Rock Area want to make a few bucks for their time?

    I've got something I want to buy, but the guy won't ship. It's not anything big, but I would need you to pick it up, box it up and ship it. I will gladly pay you for your time and cover your expenses. I looked at the user map, but didn't see anyone in the area that I recognized. Thanks!
  3. flpmurphy

    doodlebug make over

    well redid my boys green doodlebug. Has a 6.5hp greyhound painted black. the tank is a predator tank cut whole top off shortened and flipped the gas cap to right side.
  4. R

    how tight to make new belt

    I had to get a longer belt to accomidate the new engine on my tote gote. I have no idea how tight the belt should be to start with. It is the Deepco Maximatic clutch. This is the first time I have ever dealt with this, any suggestions would be great thanks Rob
  5. B

    Looing for someone to make header for gc160

    Looking for someone to make a header for my gc160 motor installed in a doodle bug. Thanks for the help in advanced!
  6. TommyG

    Need with make and model

    Not sure what brand this is, any ideas on the silver frame with the long bar modification
  7. markus

    make your own shop clock

    Some may have seen a thread I did recently about shop shop clocks I made while messing around for some filler on my walls......well I know somebody did cause they are now for sale on ebay :doah: I decided not to make a bunch and resell (its not worth the effort), I did sell one off since I...
  8. Bikerscum

    In Cal we don't just make them pretty

    we make them engineering wonders. Drive shaft is a Craftsman deep socket JB welded to the engine shaft. The whole driveline is mounted in a vibration isolating system. awesome
  9. Bikerscum

    More proof that us Cal boys make the best customs

    sound system optional
  10. M

    Identification model make year

    Bought this yesterday also. Unsure of make model year. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Bikerscum

    Make it stop

    stop the madness
  12. Docdc

    I Just Gotta Make Me One of These!

    I think by the end of the summer I'll have one in the back yard. Depends on how long it takes me to find a good tailgate. Doc
  13. darkjediohio

    Can anyone help me with what make and model this barn find is plz

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  14. K

    What make and model number

    I was told it was a mtd but what model# is it? and can anyone tell me what came on the bike factor ext..eng,sprocket, clutch, jackshaft.....I'm trying to restore it. thanks
  15. Bikerscum

    Anyone in the Boulder City NV area want to make a few $?

    I'll PP you $125, you go buy this generator for $75 and ship it to me in Ca. Shipping would be $15 or so, maybe less. It's tiny, probably fit in a shoebox lol. :deal:
  16. 1stBxMopar

    What make wheel is this??

    Anybody know what this wheel was from???
  17. Y

    What year, make is this mini bike ?

    Found this for sale, but no info about year or make, ...any idea's of year, make, model, engine ?
  18. M

    anybody make high performance parts for a tecumseh

    who makes high performance parts a tecumseh hs50?
  19. M

    Want to make ten inch wheel wider?

    I've been trying to come up with some ideas on a spacer or something I can make to modify my ten inch wheels. Reason for this is so I can run a wider tire in the rear. I have access to a machine shop that has everything I could possibly need to make something. I'm just not quite sure where to...
  20. The Restore Kid

    Bubble Vision Rupp Continental make offer

    mini bike frame