1. J

    help plz 1971 or 2 prowler

    this morning my friend and i saw 2 mini bikes for $200 at a garage sale and with a bit of tinkering we got one running (sorta) it doesnt run good but after a carb cleaning itl be fine i hope besides both seats were un ripped the other is worse shape it is missing a recoil and a carb if anyone...
  2. 6

    Arctic Cat Screamer finished!!!

    I posted a couple of pics of my Screamer in my profile if anyone wants to view them. I LOVE this thing!!! Fast as hell!!. I now am the proud owner of a Whisker, Ramrod, & Screamer. I am now in the market for my next Arctic Cat bike so if anyone has or knows of a SSscat,Prowler,Climber- please...
  3. L

    1972 Arcit Cat Prowler

    I go by Lynxer and I am a vintage snowmobile enthusiast. Always kind of liked mini bikes and being I am from Minnesota it had to be an Arcitc Cat. I was given this little Arctic Cat Prowler. It is in tough shape and there isn't much there, but I have the time and the ability to fix it up. I dont...
  4. Gator

    1972 Arctic Cat Prowler - Paint Q ?

    Hey guys, just picked up a 72 AC Prowler and was wondering if anyone has any pics of an original. I have been looking all over for a decent pic so i can match the paint on the fenders & tank. I looked all over the interweb and cannot find a decent pic of what Arctic Cat "Navel Orange" is...
  5. 72 Arctic Cat Prowler

    72 Arctic Cat Prowler